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Paired with one of our delicious cakes or as a cake alternative, our selection of cupcakes can fit the need for any occasion. Enjoy our miniature edible artistry!

Options & Pricing

Traditional Flavors

$35 per dozen

Flavor options are French Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, Butter, Birthday cake and Strawberry

Signature Flavors

$40 per dozen

Flavor Options are Strawberry Crunch, Lemon Oreo, Cookies and Cream and Cookie Butter

Gourmet Flavors

$45 per dozen

Banana pudding, Red Velvet Deluxe, Strawberry Cheesecake crunch, Lemon Oreo cheesecake, German Chocolate

The minimum for a cupcake order is 1 dozen per flavor. Custom cupcake toppers start at $4 each. 

Cupcake Gallery

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