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About Millon's Edible Art

Meet the Krazy Cake Lady


Challon Torres-Durphy, Cake Artist

My passion for cooking and baking began as a little girl, watching my mother, grandmother and aunties work their magic in the kitchen. 


I discovered a love for cake decorating in 2000 after the birth of my son.  I made birthday cakes for friends and family.  Soon, people began to request them and I started making cakes under the business name, The Heavenly Hostess for three years.  It was a great way to generate income as a stay at home mom.  I returned to work in 2003 and would not pick up a spatula again until 2010. I re-opened the business under the name, Millon's Edible Art and the rest is history!

Cake decorating for me is truly an art form and it gives me great pleasure to create works of art that are not only pleasing to the eye but tantalizing to your palate.



At Millon’s Edible Art we bake a variety of sweet treats using quality ingredients. We pay attention to detail and take care to create custom made cakes, dessert cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate dipped Oreo's and more! 

What is Edible Art?

Edible Art refers to food designed to be viewed as a work of art that can be eaten. Anyone can cover a cake with frosting or ice a batch of cookies. But edible arts go further, allowing the artist to create masterpieces from flour, sugar, and color.

The term Edible Art has been popularized by pastry chefs and bakeries that offer highly artistic works that they design and build as custom creations for their clients. These pieces have more in common with sculptures or paintings than with conventional desserts, and artists can create realistic textures and depth.

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